Adress: Haus Mainusch,
Staudingerweg 23,
55128 Mainz


By public transport: There are numerous bus and tram lines that run from the main station or main station West to the university campus where Haus Mainusch is located. Just around the corner of the house is the “Friedrich-von-Pfeiffer-Weg” stop. Trams and buses go there. If you arrive by bus, you have to cross the expressway on the bridge, in both cases just continue on the campus in the direction of travel and turn left behind the tower(Inter 1). There is Haus Mainusch on the right. Otherwise, the Hegelstraße stop is not far away. More information can be found at

Walk from the main station : Go out at the main station at the side entrance of the main station West, follow at the associated stop of the four-lane Saarstraße to the right, away from the station. You come to a bridge where you go left and come to the beginning of the university campus. Continue to follow the tracks or walk across the campus. The house Mainusch is located behind the high-rise building.

By car: Mainz is surrounded by motorways. One possibility is to take the A60 exit 19 Mainz-Finthen from the west. This leads to Saarstraße, which passes the campus. For more information: check the map!

parking situation: The University of Mainz has sealed off itself with barriers and automated control systems. If you don’t buy a permit, you can only drive once a week through the main gate on Koblenzer Straße to the campus. As an alternative, there is the large parking lot right next to the campus on Dalheimer Weg.


Every Wednesday from 8 p.m.

Booking Requests

Concerts are beeing organised by different groups and individuals and sometimes by the Haus Mainusch collective itself. If you want to organise a show or a party please visit the plenary to check out the possible date and to present your ideas. Please don’t try to do that by mail, because many things are much more easy to discuss in person.

Haus Mainusch E-Mail Adress:

Bank details

Iban: DE53 5519 0000 0897 2280 11
Bank: Mainzer Volksbank

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