Cuisine Collective

The kitchen in the house is open for cooking vegan food for non-profit purposes. Whether you‘re collecting donations for a cool project or simply want to give people the opportunity to enjoy vegan food outside of expensive restaurants, either is possible at Haus Mainusch.
Of course you can combine a Cuisine Collective with another type of event (bar, lecture, movie, concert…).

Regular Cuisine Collective

During the Semester there is food Monday through Friday at 12. For this vegan self-organized alternative lunch option on campus, different volunteer cooking teams form and cook for students as well as non-students.

You‘d like to actively participate?

Then come to the Cuisine Collective assembly one week before the start of the semsester and form or join a cooking team. Or just ask when help is needed when you‘re around. Help dishwashing is always appreciated 🙂
If you‘d like to organize an evening or weekend Cuisine Collective, come to a weekly assembly of Haus Mainusch on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and share your ideas.
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