Organize parties / concerts yourself

DIY – do it yourself!


As an organizer at Haus Mainusch, you have the opportunity to make your ideas for events (concert, party…) happen without having to pay rent. We only ask for a deposit to be paid in case something breaks.
We have a wide inventory of things available for you to use for your event (see below) that have been purchased and maintained by the collective over the years.
DIY means that you are entirely responsible for almost everything regarding your event.
Depending on the type of event this includes:
  • Setup / Clean-up
  • Stocking and staffing the bar
  • pre-event shopping (toilet paper, cleaning supplies!…)
  • security concept / door / awareness team (for large events)


We keep a variety of drinks on stock in our cellar: beer (Hansa, Kruso, Mönchshof, Cola beer, RadlerIn (=Beer with lemon soda), non-alcoholic beer), soft drinks (cola, lemon soda, orange soda, apple spritzer, Spezi (=cola with orange soda), Mate, malt beer, mineral water) & cidre.
The collective takes care that the cellar is full, because the donations from drinks help the house finance its rent.


Things that are available in the house that can be used for events:
  • a fully equipped kitchen
  • reuseable plastic cups, mugs and shot glasses
  • Garden with stage    
  • 2 rooms (annex + ground floor of the house)
  • 1 very good audio system
  • 2 active monitors
  • 4x spotlights with colored lights
  • XLR cable
  • Jack cable
  • lots of molton (black fabric to hang on the walls, which also serves as sound insulation)
  • 8 channel mixer
  • 6 channel multicore
  • 1 video projector 
  • Screen printing materials
Please be careful with things. If something breaks, you should replace it.

How do I organize an event at Haus Mainusch?

Plenum/assembly (1 month before the event)

Events are discussed and approved at Haus Mainusch at the plenum/assembly (Wednesdays, 8 p.m.). For this you need a basic concept of the event and you can block a date here that is free. Depending on whether you have already read this text, you may be advised to read it and come back again.
You will be assigned a event buddy from the collective at the plenum/assembly. This person is your contact person before and after the event and checks whether everything is in order before and after the event.

Shopping (0-3 days before the event)

  • toilet paper
  • Cleaning supplies (hand soap, rags, toilet cleaner…)
  • Kitchen supplies (sponges, tin foil..), gas refill for the stove, cooking supplies (oil, etc.)
  • Decoration, duct tape,..

Setup & handover

On the day of the event, you should definitely plan enough time to make the space usable according to your ideas. Since the house is almost always open and accessible to most people, there is always something to clean up. For large events and concerts, where things get louder, it is necessary to install sound insulation in the house. People live next to Haus Mainusch in the Wagenburg. They do not want to be visited by the guests of your event, so you should block all entrances before your event starts. In addition, beverages and the cash register are counted together with your event buddy.
These preparations are especially necessary for concerts and parties. For events such as lectures and workshops, you need also need an event buddy, however, noise protection and access barriers are not necessary in this case.

Clean-up & handover

Before the start of your event, you will discuss with your event buddy when the event will officially be over (his means everything is tidied up and dismantled). You should make sure that you have the reliable support of a team, because firstly it is more fun to clean up together and secondly it is often a lot of work. Make sure that everything that you have used in the house is put back in its proper place. The floors of the rooms you used should be mopped (kitchen, ground floor, annex, toilets). When you have finished cleaning up and dismantling, you once again count the drinks and the cash register with your guardian.
After your event, please come to the plenum/assembly once again. There, your event will be discussed and you will get your deposit back.
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