Solidarity with the cultural pub Sabot

Haus Mainusch declares its solidarity with the Sabot.
According to the Facebook post on 18.11., Sabot was terminated by the end of March 2020.
The Sabot has been a political home for the alternative punk scene in Wiesbaden for more than 8 years. You can chill out, discuss and attend concerts there. A loss of the sabot is not acceptable in the gentrified Wiesbaden and would leave a big hole.

Dear Team of the Sabot: If you need support, get in touch.

Dear friends, dear supporters, dear bands, dear visitors,
we are addressing you today with some bad news:
Unfortunately, we have to inform you that the lease for the cellar, which both we and you have learned to love, has been terminated.
We are shocked and very sadthated that after all the time we renovated the shop and maintained it, our landlady took such a step.
In the past, we have repeatedly faced problems caused by structural defects in the shop, whether water intrusions, moisture in the basement or broken doors. We have always fought and carried out this work ourselves, as this often did not happen on the part of the landlord and the shop is still close to our hearts.
Furthermore, we have also met our landlord again and again with the rent, although the contract excludes rent increases.
With incomprehension and anger, we now had to take note of a letter of termination that was not timely. We shall now take action against this for the time being. Unfortunately, we do not see a continuation of the lease beyond 31.03.2020.
Having to close the shop now fills us with sadness and honestly we don’t have a buck on it!
We are looking for something new! Do you have any suggestions? Write to us gladly!
Giving up is NOT an option for us after all the shit we have survived in the past!

Sabot stays in struggle, but real!

Kulturkneipe Sabot – 18.11.2019

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