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melting.point x kaizenrecords present poolparty

The new year has started and it’s still cold outside. To escape these winter days we are inviting you to our poolparty.
This time melting.point is joining forces with our friends from Kaizenrecordsberlin.

For the right water temperature in our two pools we have some special divers & pool attendants for you:

mo.ri (metling.point)
Iłk (melting.point)
Tuga (melting.point)
Sanoj. (melting.point)
Antonio (kaizenrecordsberlin)
J.Feierabend (O MATO)
Pascal Wagner (hoove)
BINO (a.cepa)
Fabrice (Fuchsbau)
Ivo Total (Fuchsbau)
Jojo & Phil (EQC)

But we are not only throwin’ a usual party, we decided to donate our raised money for Kumanga e.V.
Kumanga is a organisation which trys to provide clean drinking water in the whole world but mostly in Africa.
Their program can’t be explained in a few words so feel free to visit the website http://www.kumanga.de/

As usual we are no place for homophobia, sexism, racism and all the other shit!