acquiescence renewal

There is news from Haus Mainusch!

Our acquiescence expired on 30.06.2021 and we received a renewal from the University and LBB until 30.06.2025.
WoopWoop! 4 more years of Mainusch are save!!!

But we don’t want to rest on it, but rather revitalize the house and plan for the future.

Since the incidence has allowed it again, our regular, open plenary takes place every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Come by, get involved and fill the house with your ideas! Smaller events in the garden are also possible again. We will let you know when something is coming up.

Since the monthly rent has increased by 300 € with the renewal of the acquiescence and we are still dealing with the rent deferral from last year, we would be happy to receive donations.

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