Call for Donations

Dear accomplices, dear friends of Haus Mainusch, 

we very much miss partying with you, having discussions, experiencing concerts, networking, or just having a drink together. The regulations regarding the Corona pandemic affect Haus Mainusch, as they do many political and cultural spaces.

Since mid-March no events have taken place in Haus Mainusch. Regardless, many running expenses must be covered. We are not able to cover our costs for rent, for example, without the revenue of events. It has become clear that the current state of things will continue for quite a while: no revenue but runnning expenses. Furthermore the future status of the house remains uncertain, since for the last 3 years our status has been „tolerated“. The rent we have to pay regardless has been put on hold for the time being. However, it is not clear how things will go on and how much rent we will have to pay directly.

That is why we need you! Haus Mainusch needs your support!In the current situation, the house urgently requires donations to bridge the time of the pandemic, thus maintaining networks of solidarity and cultural spaces. Every Euro really counts. Regular monthly donations mean more security for the infrastructure we provide. 

Unabhängiges Kommunikationszentrum e.v. Haus Mainusch
Iban: DE53 5519 0000 0897 2280 11
Accountnumber: 0897228011
Bankleitzahl: 55190000
Bank: Mainzer Volksbank

Every donations counts and reaches us. The house is exclusively run by people who voluntarily and out of conviction invest their time, no one earns money here.That is why we turn to you. We greatly appreciate if you want to and can support the house in any way. See you soon, hopefully, at a time when we can get together again (with distance).

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