Hey folks!
As you can imagine, we also have to close completely indefinitely. For the time being there will be no events or plena and also the house will not be open for rum hanging. Legally, all club activities are forbidden and we will probably stick to it. However, as we do not want to be inactive in these difficult times for culture and political self-government, we will try to continue to fill our channels.
On Facebook, on Telegram and, of course, on our website, we will try to pursue, support and promote political and cultural self-government as far as possible. So if you have a good project that you would otherwise present or implement at Haus Mainusch notify us via Facebook or our e-mail address!
When we resume our activities, we will let you know! Until then: Don’t let yourself get carried away, stay in solidarity, stay healthy and think twirl throughout the Corona to see what’s going on in Greece, for example!

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